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Ms. Burch, born in 1939, majored in education and minored in journalism and the Bible at George Pepperdine College and College of the Pacific. During the sixties she was a copywriter for several radio stations and freelanced articles for women's magazines.

In 1970 she became very ill due to a kidney ailment. She was close to death when she began following Dr. Bieler's dietetic advice. As she regained her health, Dr. Bieler discovered Ms. Burch's natural abilities with the field of nutritional medicine. He trained her for two years, and gave her a signed certificate verifying her expertise in the field of nutrition. She is the only person to have received such a statement from the doctor. During her training period, Ms. Burch wrote articles with the doctor, conducted research projects, and consulted with him on patients. Following Dr. Bieler's car accident, she devoted most of her spare time caring for the doctor, her friend and mentor, until his death in 1976.

Ms. Burch's name change came about in 1976 when she started updating International Diet Care. Her professional name is Reigh Parker-Burch. Her name before was Marian Menke. Most of the testimonials on this site reflect the latter.

At this point in time, Ms. Burch has seen over 20,000 clients. Medical doctors, chiropractors, and psychologists seek her services as a consultant. She conducted a 1
½-year tour, giving seminars and lectures on Bieler's theories. Ms. Burch has written several short books and pamphlets, and has sold thousands of copies via "word of mouth."

Ms. Burch's mentor and friend, Dr. H.G. Bieler, is pictured on the left.

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